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Known Issues

macOS: Clicking in MiniMeters is laggy / unresponsive.

The popular window managing app Magnet seems to interact negatively with the event loop in MiniMeters causing it to not be responsive to input. Please blacklist MiniMeters in the app, close Magnet before using MiniMeters, or find an alternative. I have reached out to Magnet's support about this but have received no response.

macOS: Desktop Audio Capture is not the correct volume.

macOS Ventura 14.2 affected the volume of all applications that use the ScreenCaptureKit API from Apple. I have opened a ticket with Apple (FB13479345) and posted on the developer forums looking for a solution or workaround and have not found one. Please use the Trim slider in MiniMeters's Settings page to manually compensate.

To compensate:

  1. Play a single tone using a tone generator at 1000hz. Any web tone generator should suffice.
  2. Adjust the Trim slider until the LUFS meter reads 0.0.

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