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MiniMeters is using quite a bit of CPU.

MiniMeters needs to display audio as it comes in which does require a bit of CPU usage. That being said, there are a few things to check to ensure that MiniMeters isn't running amok.

Checking VSync:

Open Settings from within MiniMeters and choose "60" from the FPS Limit: pane. If this corrects the issue then you should continue to use MiniMeters with this setting on.

You may also set MiniMeters to lock to 30fps to reduce CPU usage further albeit with less visual smoothness.

Windows Specific issues:

Sometimes your graphics card will reject MiniMeters's request for VSync. This is often due to VSync being disabled globally.

NVIDIA Graphics Cards

Open the NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings make sure that you select "Use the 3D application setting."

AMD Graphics Cards

Open the AMD Radeon Software > Gaming > Global Graphics > Wait for Vertical Refresh. Set this setting to "Off, unless application specifies", "On, unless application specifies", or "Always on."

Advanced Tips and Debugging:

If you are still running into issues and want to be a nerd you're welcome to turn on debug mode.

Enable Debug Mode:

This should create a new overlay on the right side of the main MiniMeters window. This will show the resulting FPS per frame, a graph of the frame time, and information about your graphics card.

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